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Why simmer pots are so Magick!

Let’s start with how amazing your house is going to smell after this! What a wonderful way to start Spring! This can enhance your mood and help you stay in a positive, receptive state, which is great for enhancing those intentions and manifesting our desires!

Not only do they have a beautiful aroma but they are a great way to add herbal Magick into your everyday life. By incorporating all four elements it also turns into elemental Magick. 

Blending your simmer pots with focused intention is a powerful way to make sure your manifestations come into fruition. 

As the Spring Equinox is all about growth and rebirth, setting your intentions around this theme will give them an added boost.

Different ingredients used in your pot can symbolize various aspects of what you’re trying to manifest. For example, cinnamon might symbolize abundance, while rosemary could symbolise clarity or protection. You can add any elements that call to you, feel free to go wild! (I’ve listed what I have used below)

The process of creating and tending to your simmer pot is a ritual, the act of adding the elements to stirring can help you connect more deeply with your intentions and help you stay focused on the present moment.

Choose your botanicals

Different simmer pot rituals can be created with different herbs, spices, and foods. Tune into abundance, peace, health, – you name it! Add whatever you like, even if you just think it may smell nice!

My Ingredients

  • Lavender – Purification, intuition, good luck, calm, peace, balance
  • Lemon – Longevity, purification, love, happiness, friendship
  • Lime – Growth, abundance
  • Sage Essential oil – Wisdom, cleansing
  • Ginger – Protection from evil
  • Yellow Trumpetbush – Positive energy
  • Frangipani – Self awareness, inner peace and harmony


  1. Gather your botanicals together.
  2. Light some sage or palo santo to cleanse the space.
  3. Fill your pot up with water and bring to boil.
  4. Say your intention out loud or in your mind over the water.
  5. As it is the spring equinox I am focusing on that powerful spring growth energy. My intention being to grow the community of reviving me, to help empower women all around the world.
  6. Begin to add each ingredient intentionally, I like to make up a little rhyme as to why I have added each ingredient but that’s completely up to you.
  7. I add lavender to purify, so that my manifestations may multiply. To help my intuition be stronger and bring me good luck for longer. This lavender brings me peace, balance and calm, protecting me from harm.
  8. I add lemon to engulf me with love, to bring joy and happiness from above.
  9. I add lime to bring forth growth and abundance energy. Let good fortune spiral and wash over me.
  10. In the realm of spirit, where shadows twist and weave, I add ginger, strong and bold, to guard and never leave.
  11. I add the yellow trumpetbush to turn the negative energies into positive. And as I put them in with a throw, let it promote positive energy flow.
  12. I add frangipani to bring self awareness, inner peace and harmony. To uplift spirits instantly. Let this flower nourish the soul as I stir this bowl.
  13. And finally a few drops of sage for wisdom as we turn the page.
  14. Let these ingredients boil and infuse as my intentions float and diffuse. 
  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and so it is.
  16. I stir the pot a few times clockwise and imagine the simmer pot dispersing the energy of the herbs throughout your home. Visualize the steam as rays of white and gold simmering throughout your home.
  17.  If you wish, you may take off the stove when the steam is especially fragrant and walk around your home.


Sara's Reviving Me Disclamer!

Thanks for getting this far!

I’m not a doctor! I’m just obsessed with testing the healing powers of essential oils. Any advice I give is based on my own research and personal opinion. This site is, however, reader-supported. When you buy through external links, I may earn a tiny affiliate commission. Read my full disclosure policy here.