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What is a Women's Circle?

Women’s circles are a magical place for connection with ourselves, our sisters and our tribe. This is a safe space for women to gather and support one another. As we sit in a sacred circle of sisterhood, we connect to our own inner wisdom and manifest new magic for ourselves and our lives! A Full Moon shines a light on everything that’s hidden in the dark, lighting both the “good” and “bad” inside of us. Things that were shrouded in darkness and shadow reveal themselves, and conflicts come to a head. We will harness the courageous and creative energy of this Full Moon in Leo in an evening of surrender and release.  

What will happen in the circle?
-Intro/Opening Ceremony
-Grounding Meditation
-Discuss energies and theme
-Tea Break
-Guided meditation
-Sharing Circle
-Releasing ritual
-Closing Ceremony

I will have some herbal teas and snacks available, please feel free to bring along any snacks that resonate with you for our break. Whether you bake them yourself or not, all are welcomed and appreciated.

Additionally, bringing a yoga mat, blanket and pillow can enhance your comfort and make our circle even more cozy and nurturing. Although I do have plenty spare if needed. You will also need a journal and pen as we will have moments for inner enquiry, which you may feel drawn to writing down

To RSVP please fill the form in above.💚 

If you can’t attend for any reason please let me knows you as you can so I can open the space up for someone else. 😊

 💫Can’t wait to see you under the the lunar energies!💫

Can't wait to see you under the energies of Sagittarius!

Each Women’s Circle runs on donations to keep it open and inclusive for all. If you feel moved to contribute, you can donate through the link below or on the evening of the circle. 💚