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My Rocky Mountain Oils Starter Kit, sent in the most positive box.

Bumping into Rocky Mountain Oils on my essential oils journey has been rather magical, to say the least. I haven’t been using this brand as long as some of the others I have written reviews about, but so far it’s safe to say I’m in essential oil heaven. They do not follow the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) structure, which is a huge plus for me as I intentionally try to avoid these brands.

I feel these guys are genuinely trying to spread positive energy to their consumers, with their branding and quality of oils.

If you’ve ever received a package from Rocky Mountain Oils you’ll know what I mean. Feel-good messages like “You are enough” and “You’re amazing” fill your box of goodies. Not only was I left with healing oils, but I got some high vibe feel-good healing affirmations as well.

Staying on those high vibrations let’s get to it and see what Rocky Mountain Oils are all about.

I test all the products I write about myself, if you’re wondering what exactly that entails take a look at my testing here.

Who are they and what are they about?

Founded by husband and wife Michael and Phoenix in Orem, Utah. Their “Our Story” page oozes sincerity, with Phoenix expressing how she has taught women how to move past emotional hurdles and connect with their higher-self through healing modalities. Recently I have begun my journey to become a women’s circle facilitator, creating a safe space for women to gather in support of one another. I believe the healing of women to become empowered in their own skin is something to strive for.

They emphasize their vision of going within and using essential oils as a means to go deeper. I know that essential oils have played a huge role in not just my physical health but my mind too.

“We wanted to encourage people to connect with themselves on a deeper level and use the natural resources around them to reflect and grow.“

Sustainability & Ethics

Rocky Mountain Oils have direct relationships with its suppliers, which means cutting out the middlemen. Through my research I’ve come to understand this is where the problems lie, the middlemen. So, by removing these from the chain companies can work directly with farmers. It’s also positive to note that their oils are sourced from farms around the globe that practice sustainable farming methods. 

I do think it would have been nice for them to give more information on exactly where the oils come from. For example, the country of origin, as other brands have done this and I think it gives an air of transparency.

You have to give them credit for the major steps they are taking in terms of the environment. Boasting packaging created from 100% recycled materials and the industry’s first Glass Bottle Recycling Program. 

Are they organic? 

Using Rocky Mountain Oils Tea Tree oil mixed with coconut oil to treat my blemishes and spots.

Well not quite, they have 6 different USDA-certified organic essential oils that Rocky Mountain Oils produce, which include tea tree, peppermint, orange, lemon, lavender, and frankincense. In my opinion, they need to up the number of organic products offered, competitors in the market are way ahead of them at the moment. 

Side note, if you buy them all together you currently get 20% off, you’re welcome.

I tend to usually always go for the organic if I can, as harsh chemicals are more likely to be eliminated. Of course, this is a little hard if there are only 6 different oils available. 

Quality & Testing

When we buy essential oils we are all hoping the brand does its best to make sure the products are of quality. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the company you are buying from really does its best with quality control.

Rocky Mountain Oils have created its own quality assurance promise, which they have called its “S.A.A.F.E. Promise.” This stands for:






It is a shame companies have to resort to making up their own quality control measures and essential oils are still not regulated properly. Until then the oil fakes are allowed to run wild, which makes me worried for the consumers using them.

Rocky Mountain Oils provides GC/MS test results from an independent, verified third-party testing lab. They offer complete transparency as well, providing all their third-party testing results on their website. You just type your batch number here.


They currently offer 83 single essential oils, although there were around 5 currently out of stock when writing this article. Also, you pretty much have a blend for anything you’re looking to heal, it’s insane! There are 69 essential oil blends, again with a few out of stock at the moment. 

I purchased Rocky Mountain Oils ‘Essential Kit’, it’s a great way to start!

The oils come in sizes 5 ml and 15 ml, make sure you double-check which one you’re buying so you don’t get a doll house-size bottle by accident. 

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, I know I was, I played it safe and went for the ‘Essentials kit’. The kit included peppermint, tea tree, lemon, orange, lavender, and rosemary. You’ll be surprised at how many benefits this small kit has, it can improve your overall health immensely. From peppermint alleviating mental fatigue and boosting energy to lavender having a calming effect and leaving you stress-free.

They also offer roll-on blends, I’m especially drawn to the ‘Chakra blends roll-on kit’, with each oil having a corresponding chakra gemstone rollerball. I absolutely loved this attention to detail and I find it positive that Rocky Mountain Oils have chosen to focus on promoting the energy side of healing, incorporating oils with meditation and yoga.

It’s really lovely to see a brand has actually spent some time on the layout of their website, who would’ve thought I’d see the day? Each product page has clear headings including product description, facts, usage, safety/purity, test results, and even recipes. They’ve taken the time to try and educate with links to videos giving a full, in-depth explanation about the oils.

Their usage section on the product page is all about how to dilute, sometimes it’s just better to be sure guys! We’ve all been there at the start of our essential oils journey “Oh it’ll be fine, my skin isn’t that sensitive let’s just pop a couple of drops straight from the bottle here and there.” Fast forward 24 hours and you’ve woken up looking like you’ve just been bitten by an army of ants. Oh, just me then?


Rocky Mountain Oils are smack bang in the middle in my opinion. Not super cheap you’re questioning their authenticity, but also not crazy expensive you have to get an extra job and bank loan to start purchasing. 

They range from about $8-$40 per bottle, with a few hitting well over $100 for a bottle, such as Helichrysum italicum and rose. This is due to all the effort it takes to cultivate the flowers and all the raw botanical material it takes to produce the final product.

Customer Service

Rocky Mountain Oils offer a 90-day no-hassle return policy, even if you’ve opened the product. They must have some serious confidence in their product with this policy, which makes you feel safe in your purchase!


In my opinion, Rocky Mountain Oils are up there on the essential oils ladder. It’s just finally nice to stumble on a brand that seems to genuinely be for the people and spread a positive message. I feel appreciated as a customer when I purchase from them and it’s the first brand I have come across that really thinks about the little things that may help someone.

I understand they are running a business and have to generate financial stability, but if you’re doing that with your moral compass in the right direction like I feel Rocky Mountain Oils are, the skies are the limit. With their mix of ethics and positive messages, it’s no wonder the outcome is quality essential oils. This brand stands out the most for me and I will continue to purchase my essential oils from them!


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