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I stumbled upon REVIVE on my quest to find alternative essential oil brands to use, other than the top dogs in the market at the moment.

The Need for Ethical Alternatives

My Revive essential oils review started as I wanted a brand that resonated more in terms of ethics, far gone from the Multi-Level Marketing structure. This is a way in which businesses choose to operate to generate more sales and revenue, take a look at the “doTERRA vs Young Living” review if you’d like more info on this. 

I believe REVIVE to have quality products at an affordable cost.

My REVIVE starter kit ready to be tried and tested for my REVIVE essential oils review.
My REVIVE starter kit ready to be tried and tested for my REVIVE essential oils review.

Let’s be real spending so much monthly on oils was slowly burning a hole in my pocket! Boom! REVIVE to the rescue! Literally ‘Reviving me’ Get it? Re-vive-ing me? Ah, never mind.

So as this brand is new to me (and to the market) I don’t have years of testing as I did with my doTERRA review. But rest assured I carried out all of my standard testing procedures, check out the guidelines here.

I switched up the oils I was using previously for my blemishes to see if REVIVE would step up and work its magic the same way.

Oh and before we carry on, I do realize that I have a very similar name to this brand. But before you get your Sherlock magnifying glass out, It’s all one big coincidence and this is a completely unbiased review.

Who are they and what are they about?

REVIVE has created a wholesome image with it being a family-owned and operated company. Founded in San Francisco by Alexandria George (CEO), Suleman Ali, and the George Family. 

Their philosophy is to “Make the highest quality Essential Oils accessible and affordable so that everyone can afford to live naturally.” I don’t know about you but I’m here for that!

One of the reasons REVIVE caught my eye in the first place is because they aren’t shy in saying how they feel about the Multi-Level marketing companies out there at the moment. After admitting they bought from MLM companies for years, one day they realised 60% of the price of purchasing MLM Essential Oils & Blends goes to the pyramid of MLM advocates. These MLM advocates are expensive and make essential oils more expensive for customers. I’m not saying that these brands aren’t quality products but what you’re actually paying for is the MLM, not the quality. Wow! And the award on how many times someone can say MLM is one paragraph goes too…

REVIVE even has a ‘compare to MLMS’ heading on the menu, which compares the same blends they make for half the price. What a great way to give equal opportunity to people!

So just in case you’re still sitting there with a baffled look on your face as to why the products are so cheap, here’s the low down. REVIVE essential oils are sold directly from their website and delivered to your door. No middlemen taking a sneaky cut, just directly to the buyer. Which means they can have the same high-quality essential oils, but sell them at a cheaper price because they are passing on the savings directly to you.

Sustainability & Ethics

Making sure the land the essential oils originate from is of the highest quality is so important. I’ve written before about my feelings on how energy is in everything, making sure all parts of the process are mindfully carried out with love and respect makes such a difference when it reaches us. 

REVIVE sources their essential oils from partner farms, which are said to hold strict standards and are regularly checked so standards don’t slip. They also make sure the plants are from the specific regions where that species of plant or tree thrives. 

Like some of the bigger brands out there, they have a ‘Sourcing map’. I really love this. It creates transparency, so you can see exactly where your essential oils are coming from.

Are they organic? 

All REVIVE oils are either wildcrafted, which means they are gathered from plants that grow in the wild, or are organic. This puts my mind at ease, thank goodness those little pesticide and chemical nasties won’t be making an appearance.

They currently have 6 essential oils that are USDA organic, which in my opinion needs to grow a little before they can compete with other brands on the market. They do come in a handy little kit though, so you can buy them all together. Easy peasy.

Quality & Testing

REVIVE oils are free from any additives, adulterants, fillers, synthetics, or dilutions. They conduct third-party testing, can I get a cheer? Dr. Pappas is a PhD Chemist who previously worked for doTERRA and Young Living testing the purity, and quality of their oils. His company Essential Oil University performs this independent third-party testing. He and the potency of their oils.

You can check out all of their test results here. You can even look up your specific batch number on your essential oil bottle.

It does annoy me a bit when companies put “100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils” on the bottle. It’s common knowledge in the essential oil world that this doesn’t mean much at all. There is currently no governing body regulating the essential oil industry, so brands can put whatever they think sounds good. 

Now let’s not get it twisted I’m not saying that REVIVE aren’t quality products but it’s just worth keeping in mind there is no way to say for sure what a pure therapeutic grade essential oil is.


REVIVE has 144 single essential oils on their website and as I mentioned before 6 are USDA organic. Along with that, they offer blends, diffusers, carrier oils, household, and roll-ons. 

I went for the starter kit to pop my REVIVE cherry and I was super excited when I received my order. I must admit though, I was a little disappointed with the packaging and presentation. 

The oils were each rolled up in bubble wrap, I would have thought they’d at least put them in a nice little box together. Although you could argue that less packaging is better for the environment I suppose, I guess I just felt like everything was just thrown into the box. 

Update: After doing a bit of research it seems the oils are usually delivered in a blue sturdy card box, maybe they just ran out on my delivery, who knows!

How my oils arrived, at least none of them were damaged!


I think we can all agree that we very much enjoy REVIVE’s price point, it’s very reasonable for the quality you get. Shout out to this company for really making a difference in making essential oils accessible to all.

Customer Service

I think REVIVE’s return system has got to be one of the best I’ve seen in my essential oil research journey. A 100% money-back guarantee, opened, unopened, whatever! They don’t care. You get a full refund within 100 days of purchase, no questions asked. They also pay the cost of return shipping in the US, now that’s some good customer service for you!


If you’re looking for an alternative to the big MLM brands out there REVIVE is definitely an option. Customer satisfaction is top of their priorities, you can tell this by their returns policy. 

I’m impressed with their sourcing practices and strong ethics, although my journey with REVIVE is relatively new I believe they offer a great alternative if you’re seeking to try a new brand.


Sara's Reviving Me Disclamer!

Thanks for getting this far!

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