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New Moon in Gemini Energy

The New Moon is a turning point, we say goodbye to one cycle and hello to a new one. It is a fresh start and a time to open our hearts to new beginnings, birth new ideas, and set intentions.  

I believe a perfect mantra for Gemini energy is:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

My New Moon Women’s circle altar.

From Taurus to Gemini Season

As we move past Taurus season, which is all about being in your body and realizing that we need to look after our environment and surroundings to thrive in them. We tuned into abundance and connected with our sense of self-worth. 

Taurus is a fixed earth sign and focuses on being grounded. It looks at consolidating, structuring, and building foundations. 

We moved into Gemini season, which is a time of the year when the air is buzzing with curiosity. Gemini is an air sign, breezing through life reminding us to keep it light, to take it easy, and to be inquisitive, flexible, and open-minded. It looks to discover something new, explore our social settings, embrace diversity, and connect more with ever-changing surroundings, just like the wind. 

Gemini energy reminds us that nothing is permanent and everything is always changing. It loves nothing more than to wander about dispersing information gathered, trading it for all sorts of bits and pieces, and gathering more as it goes. Only to release it again.

Gemini brings the spotlight on our relationship with our mind, on the power of our thoughts and words, on the importance of conscious communication, and the value of ongoing learning. Gemini produces an awareness of the relationships that exist between all people, places, and things.

This is a time to look at creating new relationships, refine our communication skills, discover new social settings, and simply experiment with being more open to interacting with others.

Gemini – The Twins & Duality

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins and is connected with duality. The Twins fall under the rulership of Mercury, the ever-fluctuating, ever-shifting messenger, the master of communication and understanding. 

New Moon in Gemini
Gemini, the sign of the Twins.

This Gemini energy of the twins may have us feeling pulled in two directions. We may feel our heart wanting to go one way, and our mind wanting to go the other. To navigate this energy it is important to sit with yourself and go within, and focus on what your inner knowledge is trying to say to you.

Gemini season reminds us that everything in this world has a duality. We all have a dual nature within us, we all have parts of ourselves that are conflicting with each other. We all have mixed feelings or contradictory ideas and have different sides to ourselves. We can sometimes feel at battle with ourselves because of this. 

Gemini season is an invitation to embrace those contradictions and begin to let them inspire our self-expression. By releasing the need to hide, fix or correct ourselves we begin to explore the many sides that we possess and we can begin to become more balanced within ourselves. When you work in harmony within only then can you truly do great things.

By harnessing the Gemini creative energy and letting all of our parts have a voice whether that be through art, dance, or literature, however, you feel called to express, we can begin to heal and deepen our self-awareness and self-love.

Reflecting on the concept of duality can also open us up to explore our relationship between space-time reality and the way we steer the apparent duality between spirit and form, between the body and the Soul, and between life on earth and the spiritual realms. If you’d like to look at this a bit deeper I found a wonderful description written by Alan Oken named ‘Gemini- sign of duality and path to unity.’

New Moon in Gemini

The Gemini New Moon begins a lunar month oozing with creativity, it relishes in bringing creative expression to the forefront. It gives us a chance to constantly re-imagine ourselves and the space we take up. It is no wonder that the Throat Chakra is dominant for Gemini energy as this chakra zodiac sign is known for creativity and storytelling. 

As I mentioned earlier Gemini energy is all about communication and it has a significant focus on speaking your truth and enhancing your communication skills. We begin to ask ourselves “Am I speaking from my heart, is this really what I believe?” We also have more awareness of how we listen to others, by being fully present when someone else is sharing. Not rehearsing an answer you may want to give, or talking over them about a similar experience you have had. It’s a chance to enjoy other people’s points of view, rather than persistently searching to find that one elusive “answer.”

Gemini energy also invites us to take care of the way we speak not only with others but ourselves as well. It is an important time to be aware of how powerful our mind is, and recognize how deeply our thought patterns affect our feelings and perceptions. 

Tapping into this Gemini energy of communication and expression I invite you to journal to the following question:

What conversations are you tired of having? With others? With yourself?

Do you find yourself triggered by certain conversations that come up? Are you constantly telling yourself you can’t do something? Maybe you always manage to talk yourself out of doing something?

During the upcoming weeks, the New Moon in Gemini presents us with opportunities to commit to being versatile, adaptable, and curious. We may feel drawn to reflect on how working on changing our perceptions has the potential to change our experiences.

It’s a great time for asking questions and gathering information to connect with your dream life. What is it that your soul really craves? 

Are you living in alignment with that dream or do you keep making excuses? Such as “I need more time.” “I need more money.” or “I can’t do it on my own, I need a partner.” The list can go on and on. That future day may never come, today is here, right now. You need to take action to make your dreams come true. Even if it’s just one tiny step forward.

I invite you to ponder and journal about the following question:

“If I was living my dream life a year from now, what would it look like?” 

Take some time now to journal your dream month, year, or even years ahead. If it makes it easier, start with the big dreams, the dreams that pop into your head first. Then get into the nitty-gritty details.

Where do you live? Who are you surrounded by? What do you eat? Who are you? What excites you? Maybe there’s something you’d like to learn? A business idea? What makes you happy? 

I now ask you to think about your inner thoughts and chatter, are they supporting your dreams and goals? 

I invite you to journal about the following question:

Is my self-talk aligning with the dreams and goals I have? What positive affirmations could I create to help me focus on what I want?

Take some time to journal how your thoughts may negatively impact you achieving your goals, and how you can change these thoughts in order to thrive.

It’s normal to keep getting triggered by limited thinking or old belief systems popping up, but the more work like this we all do, the easier it will get. Lean into those thoughts of self-sabotage, you will then begin to witness where you are holding yourself back. 

Let’s embrace this social, energizing and upbeat energy that Gemini brings to us and use it to enhance those intentions you wish to create on this new moon.


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