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A stunning piece of digital art I found on ArtStation named: The Mermaid Zodiac: Cancer

From Gemini to Cancer Season

We moved from Gemini season, which focused on our mind and offered us an invitation to gain more awareness of our communication, not just with how we communicate with others but also our inner dialogue and how we talk to ourselves. It was a chance to focus on how we think and why we may be thinking that way. 

So, we’ve just cruised out of the thought-provoking vibes of Gemini season, where we gave our minds a workout and got cozy with our inner chatter. But guess what? Now we’re diving headfirst into Cancer season – and oh boy, get ready for a ride into the ocean of emotions and heart connections.

Get ready to sit with your feelings and connect with to your heart.

Cancer season motivates us to return to our roots, heal relationships with our loved ones, and create a sense of security in our homes.

Cancer the Crab

Cancer is known as the “Mother” of the zodiac and seen as the caretaker. It is represented by the Crab, a strong hard shell that protects the vulnerable, soft flesh within.

Cancer energy connects to our feeling of home and desire to nurture, It’s like channeling both our inner child and the ultimate mama bear.

Now, Cancer is a total water sign boss – think powerful leadership with a dash of feminine magic. Being a cardinal sign it corresponds with the changing seasons, and is connected to new beginnings and a new chapter of our growth. 

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, both the sign and the planet are feminine and hold yin energy. With this divinely feminine union it is no wonder that there is heightened sensitivity at the forefront. Women especially may notice heightened emotional and physical sensitivity at this time.

New Moon in Cancer: Nurturing Your Cosmic Self

Every New Moon’s dark sky calls for self-reflection and caring for your inner self, although each month has a different energy depending on what sign is currently passing through it.

Some signs have us looking at our outer paths forward, while others will have us looking inward.

This New Moon in Cancer focuses on the latter bringing you home; back to yourself, your heart, your soul, and your life.

This Cancer New Moon has us removing that crab like outer shell and gives us a feeling of being wrapped up in a cozy blanket, it is a loving and protective energy that makes us soften and look within. Time to tap into that inner world, trust your gut, and give your intuition a high-five.

Listening to your emotions during this New Moon can be a game changer, seriously! You will become aware of what you might be pushing that isn’t meant for you, or witness any nudges you are ignoring from the universe. 

It’s all about becoming aware of what’s not jiving with your vibe and finally giving those nudges the attention they deserve.

As I mentioned earlier Cancer is a divinely feminine sign, represented by our inner mother archetype. The mother archetype has plenty of love to spare and readily gives all of it to those around her. Full of empathy and compassion she is a wonderful caretaker.

The Mother Archetype is often the first to help those in need and will always make sure that everyone else is taken care of before looking after herself. With this being said it is important to be aware within ourselves of the shadow side associated with this archetype.

Ever heard of the term “putting everyone else first”? Well, that’s the shadow dance we’re talking about.

When out of balance there can be a tendency towards codependency and circling their entire existence around serving others. It is important to know that you can only truly give to others when you yourself are full and nourished.

As you snuggle down into the nurturing arms of this feminine Cancer energy, take some time and journal on the following question:

“Am I nurturing and taking care of myself?” 

If the answer is no then it’s time for a little self-love intervention. Ask yourself “How can I take care of myself better?”

I’m talking about creating a killer self-care routine, making “me-time” non-negotiable, and maybe even treating yourself like you would your BFF. Maybe you are always putting others first? Have you ever given yourself a self care routine? Do you take time to be by yourself?

The Divine Feminine: Balance Within

With this Divinely Feminine union of Cancer and the moon it is a chance for us to become aware of where we may be out of balance within.  

We all have Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy within us. And no, it’s not about gender – it’s about balancing those go-getter “get stuff done” vibes with the whole intuition, creativity, and “just be” thing.

These energies are within all of us, and for a harmonious life they need to be balanced. Masculine energy being the driving force, the get up and go, the logic in situations and the ‘doing’. Whilst the Feminine energy is intuition, creativity, receptivity and the ‘being’.

I read an article on The Divine Feminine and think the author Shani Jay describes this wonderfully:

“The Divine Feminine within you is wild, free, and untamed. She ignores the unwritten rules and boundaries that society has constructed for her, rises above, and paves her own way.  She is unafraid to speak her truth, embrace her sexual nature, and show up fully and authentically. The Divine Feminine trusts her intuition, allowing it to guide her. And she lives in the cyclic rhythm of the moon, the seasons, and the wheel. She understands the sacredness of life and trusts that all her needs will be met.”

Our Divine Feminine energy has been repressed, cast into the shadows, and left without a safe place to fully express ourselves and our gifts. We live in a world where it is commendable to always be ‘busy’ and ‘on the go’ forcing us to be in our Masculine energy and causing a complete unbalance within.

This New Moon in Cancer awakens the Divine Feminine within and asks us to bravely sit in these receptive energies with vulnerability. Your emotions and feelings are messages from the soul and need to be listened to. They show where a boundary has been crossed, value been disrespected or an old wound opened that is asking for some healing.

I ask you now to sit and journal about the following question:

Am I freely being who I want to be? 

Ever feel like you’re not being your true, authentic self? Are you dimming your sparkle to fit some mold? Whether it’s at home, work, or just out and about, it’s time to give those vibes a reality check.

Embrace Emotions, Empower Your Journey

Surrendering to your emotions doesn’t mean they’re calling the shots. You are not consumed by them, allow them to move through you and no longer have control over you. So, as you soak in the magic of this Cancer New Moon, open up to the lessons it brings. Feel it all, embrace your journey, and trust that you’re right where you need to be.


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