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The Blue Moon

The Blue Moon, a celestial phenomenon shrouded in enchantment and mystery, is a term used to describe the second Full Moon in a single calendar month. It is a rare event that only occurs every two to three years, hence the popular phrase “once in a blue moon.”

It brings with it a heightened sense of awareness and intuition. It is a time of increased emotional energy, making it an ideal time for healing, meditation, and spiritual practices.

With its radiant glow, the Blue Moon captures our collective imagination and invites us to embrace the extraordinary in the ordinary.

As we gaze upon the luminous visage of the Blue Moon in Pisces, we are drawn into its ephemeral dance, a timeless reminder of the vast cosmic rhythms that both inspire and connect us.

Full Moon in Pisces

The sign of Pisces

The Full Moon is a symbol of the aspects of femininity, such as intuition, creativity, and wisdom. Pisces is also a sensitive feminine sign, so with this comes a Divinely Feminine union. This may have you getting all in your feels and being extra emotional during this time, especially if you’re a woman.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune the celestial body that inspires creativity from our emotional depths and governs our dreams. It is the planet of spirituality, healing, and illusion.

Since Pisces is the zodiac’s twelfth and final sign, the feeling of closure and culmination is even stronger. Pisces is known as an old soul, said to have experienced the energy of every other sign before it.

While cardinal signs such as Cancer initiate the beginning of a season. Pisces is a mutable water sign which corresponds to the ending of seasons and helps to transition us into the next one. They are known as the adapters of the zodiac and are thought to be more flexible and comfortable with change than any other signs.

Symbolized by two fish swimming, one fish swimming downstream and another swimming upstream. This is a good visual when thinking about the duality that Pisces represents, embodying the idea of “holding opposites.”

Just as one fish joyfully breaches the surface while the other languishes the depths of the pond below, emphasising that our experiences encompass moments of both triumph and tribulation.

The two fishes symbolize their tendency to go with the flow.

This concept illustrates that everything in the world has a balancing, or opposing, side. For example, front and back, darkness and light, up and down, above and below. This symbolism underscores the invitation to embrace our full spectrum of emotions and experiences, fostering a holistic understanding of self.

A chance to take both the light and the dark, the highs and the lows, and blend the polarity. Creating a clearer vision of who we are and where we would like to go.

Pisces the drifter and dreamer

Flowy, dreamy Pisces softens our resistance to change. The ethereal energy of Pisces encourages us to relinquish the need for relentless struggle, much like the gentle flow of water.

By surrendering to uncertainty and acknowledging its integral role in the tapestry of life, we open doors to growth, new opportunities, and transformative adventures.

This energy asks us to sit with ourselves and ponder the question “Do I need to “let go and let it flow?” This lunation invites us to open our hearts to life and asks us to have full trust and faith in its unfolding.

Everyone is guilty of wanting something so much that they push and push, using every ounce of energy to succeed. It’s promoted in our everyday life, long hours in the office, applause for being tirelessly busy, the constant screams of “You have to work hard to get what you want!” But is all this pushing necessary? Could you possibly be forcefully trying to move in the wrong direction?

With the mindset that the universe always wants the best for you and in keeping with this Piscean water-fueled lunation, let’s be like the ocean. Let us stop fighting the ebb and flow of the sea, pushing your way through will only lead to frustration. 

This Pisces full moon asks us to surrender to the universe’s divine wisdom.

Pisces energy reminds us that when we surrender and trust, we can free ourselves from any guilt, shame, or stagnant energy we’ve been carrying that’s holding us back.

I ask you to ponder or journal on the following questions:

  1. What feels uncertain in my life right now?
  2. What does my uncertainty feel like? Try and name the emotions that come up when you feel it.
  3. What would happen if, instead of viewing uncertainty as “good” or “bad,” I just viewed it as the true nature of life?
  4. In what ways can I actually embrace uncertainty? Think about things like growth, new opportunities, and adventure.

The Virgo-Pisces Axis

Full Moons are a powerful time to help let go of what no longer serves us, which goes hand in hand with empathic Pisces as it is the sign of healing, closure, and release. 

We use the vibrations of the Pisces Moon to unlock the magic that lives within. Pulling that positive Piscean energy down into the earthly plane to help elevate ourselves and bring deep, lasting happiness within.

A Full Moon happens when the sun aligns with the moon at a 180-degree angle. This is technically known as opposition, and Earth sits nice and comfy between them both. During this time the Sun and the Moon are transiting in opposite Zodiac signs, emphasizing the need to find a balance between two complementary polarities. 

At this current time, we have a Virgo-Pisces axis, which makes up the most sensitive axis of the zodiac. It is the axis of service, healing, devotion, and mindfulness. This polarity invites us to find order in chaos and balance structure and flow. 

The convergence of the Virgo-Pisces axis during this Full Moon bestows a unique harmony between the physical and spiritual dimensions.

Virgo is all about being in our bodies, fully honoring our physical realm, and finding love for the mundane in life. Pisces corresponds to looking within and attuning to our intuition, transcending our human experience, and connecting with something beyond our separate selves.

The Virgo-Pisces axis is an infusion of our physical, tangible reality with our spiritual reality. How do we bring spirit down to earth, whilst also grounding our spirituality? It’s easy to get absorbed in either one and not sure whether we’re coming or going.

The activation of the Virgo-Pisces axis encourages us to build bridges between the physical and the spiritual and to find the balance of body and spirit. This lunation invites us to find harmony between flow and structure, surrender and control, intuition, and logic.

Pisces and the Full Moon

This Full Moon harnesses the intuitive energies of Pisces and amplifies our inner knowing. Every year, the Pisces full moon brings with it mystical moonbeams known for causing miracles. This is a time when the universe communicates with us through synchronicities, signs, and dreams, guiding us toward our soul’s purpose.

Not only does this energy give us a chance to release and let go of our control over life, but also presents an opportunity to unburden ourselves from resentment and grudges through the transformative power of forgiveness.

Forgiveness enables us to release all that no longer serves us, which in turn creates a huge space for all the good stuff to seep in! Forgiveness, a liberating act that releases emotional baggage, clears space for positivity to enter our lives. It is not an endorsement of wrongdoings but a means of reclaiming our inner peace.

You may not realize what the chain of not forgiving is tying you to, especially if you are hurting. You don’t want to be so wrapped up in the wrong that was done to you that it robs you of enjoying the present.

Forgiveness is for the forgiver, it is there to liberate you, free you and empower you to shed the weights that weigh you down.

This does not mean it excuses the person who hurt or harmed you, and it does not condone what was done to you. 

Forgiveness will heal you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It will bestow upon you the kind of peace that helps you move on with your life.

Whether by the words or actions of someone else, we’ve all been hurt at some point. I’m sure we’ve all also been the ones hurting someone else at some point too. 

This Full Moon urges us to let go of the anger we hold towards those who have done us wrong, and also forgive ourselves for actions we have taken in the past. We all make mistakes, it’s part of life, and as long as we are learning from these mistakes then we are moving forward. 

I ask you now to write a forgiveness list for someone that has hurt you, begin your list with, “[Name of the other person] I forgive you.”

And start listing your grievances. Just because you’re forgiving someone doesn’t mean that what happened is okay. It just means you’re deciding to release that emotional baggage and move on.

Just let it flow out. From the big things to the small things.

[Name] I forgive you for not making me a cup of tea when I asked for one.

[Name] I forgive you for making me so angry I cried.

[Name] I forgive you for not taking the bins out.

[Name] I forgive you for breaking my trust when you promised you never would.

If you are feeling that you are not quite ready to forgive that is also ok, and I would ask you to ponder and journal the question:

Why is it hard to forgive the person who hurt me? What emotions come up?

I ask you now to write a forgiveness list for yourself, begin your list with, “[Your name] I forgive you.”

Again, start listing your grievances.

Sara, I forgive you for not texting Amelia back.

Sara, I forgive you for saying I was busy so couldn’t meet up with friends but really I was at home watching Gogglebox.

Sara, I forgive you for looking in the mirror and pointing out all the things I dislike about my body.

Of course, forgiveness doesn’t stop with just a few words written down, but it is a positive start. It is the beginning of a healing process. You have to give yourself a chance to heal, only then can you begin to put yourself back together.

To forgive takes compassion, strength of character, and a whole bunch of self-awareness. You have to first instill those qualities in yourself, which takes time and practice. When you make forgiveness a practice it weaves itself into the very fabric of your life and allows you to be free.

As you immerse yourself in the luminous embrace of this Pisces-ruled Full Moon, invite the soothing waves of its healing and spiritual energy to wash over you. Full Moons inherently stir emotions, and under Pisces’ enchantment, every sentiment is magnified.

Summon your courage to navigate these profound waters, gracefully letting go of what weighs you down. Embrace this cathartic journey, for it paves a path to a profound connection with the whispers of your soul’s true calling.


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