hello my name is sara

I always get confused on how to introduce myself, do I start with my job title? Where I’m from? My hobbies and interests?

My life consists of a mash up of so many different hobbies, jobs and interests, even my ethnicity is concoction of cultures! How I define myself changes from day to day and I love it. I guess you could say at the root of it all I’m a creative mind unravelling the layers of this experience we call life through the love of nature and community.

My intention with Reviving Me is to uplift and empower, to bring back that spark within all of us, in a world that has lost its love for magick.

Travelling and being witness too extraordinary places, people and beings has only enhanced and enriched my life. It has taken me down paths of nourishment and in directions I never could have imagined.

My travels have led me to meeting some truly inspiring women and opened my eyes to how powerful being within a community of women can be. High on the divine feminine energy and the want for everyone to feel how uplifted and free I was feeling, I joined the most wonderful “Women’s Circle Facilitator Course” led by the immensely knowledgable Michelle Rose Boxley.

Not only did my travels lead me on the path of becoming a Women’s Circle Facilitator but it is also where my essential oils journey began.

Who would have thought it,  all that time ago… my olfactory nerves tingling like there’s no tomorrow. My inquisitive nose floating me through the air, like Mickey Mouse following that freshly baked pumpkin pie.

After an aroma filled couple of months in Central America I found myself obsessed with essential oils but what really had me intrigued was how these natural wonders can really heal.

They can heal the mind, the body and the soul.

I lived on a horse ranch in Costa Rica for a month and oh my what a month! From learning all about energy healing with the horses, to witnessing each horse choose which essential oil they prefer. We used essential oils before meditations, during yoga practices, to treat mosquito bites, these oils were everywhere!

Since then I just had to figure out exactly what these oils are all about. I have made it my mission to deep dive into this world and have tried and tested so many oils for all sorts of alignments.

I have created balms to soothe my mums arthritis, made my boyfriend sniff peppermint for his hay fever and even got my dog involved with some eucalyptus for his cough. Obviously they all can’t thank me enough for my constant essential oil experiments.

An so, Reviving Me was born.